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Rising damp in houses and how to prevent it

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Rising damp is a great challenge in all house structure, and it is more common in brick houses. The reason why brick houses are prone to rising dampness is due to the porous nature of the bricks. Once dampness starts from the foundation, it keeps rising, and it moves to all parts of the building. It is important to look for a way to deal with the problem early enough. One of the ways to deal with the problem is by hiringĀ expert to deal with rising damp. This will protect your home from the problems of dampness.

What are the signs?

If you suspect that your house has rising dampness, then there are some signs that will confirm this. To identify the signs of dampness, take a look at the skirting and the foundation of your walls. If you notice that paint has started peeling, then this is the first sign of dampness in your home. There are other factors to look at like discoloring of the walls and especially above the skirting. Mold on the walls is also a clear sign that the house has been exposed to dampness.


What are the effects?

Rising dampness is a problem that needs quick intervention. If the problem is not addressed early in advance, then it is likely to cause other problems. Rising dampness is likely to affect the integrity of your house by weakening the foundation. There are also chances that the dampness is likely to cause health problems like respiratory diseases and allergies. The dampness also distorts the beauty of the house because of the staining and the peeling paint.


How to deal with rising dampness

When building your house, it is important to use a waterproof material when making the foundation. A waterproof material will protect your house from dampness caused by rain water. By using a waterproof material dampness and mold will not be able to penetrate your walls. If your home is already affected by rising dampness, then you need to call an expert to help you remove the dampness permanently from your home. There are various methods that experts use to remove dampness from homes.…


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