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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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It is no secret that we all use a bathroom on a daily basis. It is however given little or no attention most of the time. Yet, it is also one of the few places where your visitors are allowed to walk in and out at whim. It could, therefore, form a jewel of pride in your home or a fountain of embarrassment. For this reason, we must always make an effort to renovate our bathroom every once in a while.


On the lighter note, there are many bathroom renovation and design ideas that you can pick up from topbathroomrenovationsmelbourne.com.au and transform your shower space into a paradise with a personal touch.

Revolutionary Décor Ideas

The renovation idea that you wish to propagate and give your bathroom a facelift depends on your overall objective. The use of geometrically shaped mirrors can, for example, make the bathroom appear bigger than its actual size. The mirror effect also gives it a glossy feel with an exotic ambiance, which it derives from reflecting the surrounding decorative objects as abstract props from a dream scene in wonderland.

In addition, the free water flow in a bathroom can be innovatively used to project a bigger than life image. Attain this by having your bathroom renovation team to factor in pictures of your favorite or random natural scenery. Give it a life-like effect using pots with organic in-house flowers. Note that the paintings should be done using special paints to avoid quick wear and tear as result of steam-generated moisture.

Color Scheme

asdasdasPick an interior décor color scheme for your bathroom and work around it together with the renovation experts. At this point, you can decide on some affordable add-ons to make the restoration design complete with a modern outlook, which you can project with the help of a freestanding bathtub. The tub could be white, green or pink in color. The choice is yours as bathroom overhauls are about leaving your signature on a structural and interior décor design that depicts your beauty aspirations.

Experiment with different wallpapers and include a shower section that is surrounded by translucent or transparent glass. Also, the members of your households and the overall bathroom sharing policy should dictate the choice between these two. If you are a family person and you have one bathroom that serves the entire family, demarcating the shower section using fiberglass can be a better way to savor privacy.


Do not forget that there is an array of amazing bathroom tiles in the market today. Tiles offer you a unique way to renovate your bathroom fast and affordably. Also, you can change the toilet and the sink as well especially if they are stained with black, brown patches that won’t go away no matter how hard you try to scrub them off.

Remember that a good bathroom upgrade requires elaborate design and financing plans. You should subsequently contact contractors who offer both services. They must have been in the industry long enough to know where to get the best bathroom renovation materials at affordable prices. As a result of these, they will be able to offer you discounts besides giving you a flexible bathroom renovation payment plan, leaving you no excuse to keep using a bathroom that’s in a sorry state.…

Clear Acrylic Picture Frames Decor Ideas for your Home

Home Improvement

Acrylic framing is increasingly becoming a must have in interior décor. It is especially catching on with homeowners who prioritize style and elegance in their homes. Get Acrylic Photo Frames to put your family photos. Clear acrylic frames can be used to display pictures and photographs to give your home a modern and sophisticated look.


Acrylic frames

The main advantage of clear acrylic frames is the beauty they add to the room. Their popularity has also grown lklklklkklbecause of their light weight compared to other photo frames. They are also optically and water resistant.

The icing on the cake is they come in some shapes, sizes, and designs so you can choose according to your personal preference. Because clear acrylic frames are not intended to be hanged, they allow homeowners to focus their décor on otherwise ignored spaces like the fireplace mantles and end tables.

Decorative ideas for acrylic frames

What you display behind your acrylic photo frame tells a story. It could be a story about the history of your family, what you love doing with your time, or just what makes you tick as an individual. Here are a few decorative ideas you can implement to reflect your story and add style to your home;

Family history

Use your photo frame to walk your guests and family members through the history of your precious family. If you are fortunate to have a photo of your grandparents or great-grandparents, go ahead and display the memory. You could also collect pictures of family members and come up with a family tree which you can then display using a bent acrylic photo frame.

Scenic pictures

It is amazing how animal-landscape pictures bring life into a room. If these pictures could be placed in a space that allows the sun rays to him the frame, the feeling of being out in the wild comes alive. The sense of nature is brought out with these pictures.

Childhood memories

jkjkjkjkjkjkjkWhether the photos displayed are those of your children playing in the neighborhood or your childhood memories, these pictures will always be precious. These are especially perfect for the fireplace mantle. Get creative with how you display the photos. You could place random photos of each family member at different ages next to each other.

These are just but a few ideas you can incorporate in your home to improve its overall look and feel. Creativity is vital in achieving maximum results with acrylic photo frames. You may also want to hire professional interior decorators for the ultimate wow factor.…


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